Blocking out distractions at work, improving sleep quality, and helping with relaxation are just a few ways white noise can improve your day-to-day. White noise can also help improve concentration if you have ADHD or tinnitus.

Online white noise generators can create a tranquil atmosphere to enhance relaxation and focus directly from your desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Ready to reap the benefits of white noise? Scroll down for some of the best white noise websites and generators!

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A Soft Murmur

Self-soothe with comforting sounds on A Soft Murmur. Click the white noise pictogram for simple static and add other sound layers like Tibetan singing bowls, birdsong, and thunder. Use sliders to adjust each sound’s volume to create your ideal white noise soundscape.

Save your mixes for later and share them with others. A Soft Murmur also offers a Pomodoro timer for engaging in deep work. Upgrade to a pro subscription and gain access to over a dozen additional sounds.

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A Soft Murmur White Noise

White Noise & Co – MyNoise

From the extensive sound library MyNoise, White Noise & Co is among the best free white noise generators. Equalizers let you adjust sound frequencies, from the sub-bass to the high treble, helping you find the right balance for your brainwaves. Plus, you can set meditation and Pomodoro timers to aid with work and relaxation.

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Free White Noise Generator

TMSOFT – White Noise Player

TMSOFT’s White Noise Player generates sounds from across the spectrum, including white, blue, pink, and brown noise. It’s also available as a mobile app to help you relax, focus, and get a good night’s sleep while offline or on the go.

You should also check out some of TMSOFT’s other white noise apps, which include ambient sounds for babies and a white noise TV app compatible with Apple TV and Android TV.

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White Noise Player


Popular sound-generating site Noisli provides 28 hi-def sounds so you can craft idyllic soundscapes for relaxing or working. You’ll find not only white, blue, and pink noise but crackling fires, whirring fans, and coffee shop chatter to mix and match. Save your favorite combos, or tune in to pre-made playlists. Noisli’s oscillation feature gradually changes each sound’s volume to avoid repetition and reduce distractions.

As well as keeping you calm or helping you concentrate,, Noisli offers a workspace with a minimalist text editor and Pomodoro timers for deep work sessions.

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Noisli White Noise


Meld together white, pink, and blue noises with over 30 other ambient sounds on Moodil. Click icons and adjust volume sliders to form the perfect atmosphere to match your mood. Pick from relaxing ambient sounds like chirping crickets, café hubbub, and gentle waves. Sign up for a free Moodil account and save your ambient soundscapes to listen to anytime.

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Moodil Sound Website

Ambient Mixer

Ambient Mixer comprises hundreds of user-generated ambient and white noise mixes. You’ll find dozens of free white noise mixes made by fellow listeners, each of which has eight channels that can be customized.

Or, use Ambient Mixer’s free online mixing tool to personalize your sound mix. With a vast sound archive to play around with, this free sound mixer is easily one of the best for crafting the ultimate ambiance. Ambient Mixer also has a mobile app so you can listen to white noise on your way to work or while you’re out of town.

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Ambient Sound Mixer Website

Noise Generator Mixer

Noise Generator Mixer is highly customizable, making it one of the best white noise generators in the game. Pick from seven presets, including white, pink, or brown noise. Once you’ve settled on a preset, adjust the brain wave generator to mix in binaural beats and change carrier wave frequencies.

Plus, there’s a ten-band equalizer for finding the best tones which help you focus or relax. Once you find the right balance, export your sound and listen to it anytime.

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Noise Generator Mixer

White Noise YouTube Videos

YouTube is great for finding white noise mixes, with an endless collection of free white noise sounds for sleep and study. Doze off to soothing rainstorms, or get stuck into studying with white noise static. Each video is several hours long, ideal for long study sessions or if you have trouble sleeping.

YouTube Videos:

White Noise YouTube Videos

Which white noise website or generator is best for focus and relaxation? Let us know in the comments below!

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