It’s tough to know the best way to spend your Pomodoro breaks. Luckily, there’s no need to waste time twiddling your thumbs or tapping on your mousepad. Here are 26 things to do during Pomodoro breaks that will help boost your creativity, memory, mental health, and more.

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Short Pomodoro Break Ideas

Short breaks in the Pomodoro technique are 5 to 10 minutes long, and happen every 25 minutes as part of a Pomodoro cycle. As these breaks are brief, knowing exactly how to spend your time can be challenging – but here are some ideas to get started and maximize your breaks.

Hydrate or eat

One of the best ways to spend your short Pomodoro breaks is grabbing a glass of water, or making a cup of coffee. If you’re feeling a bit hungry, grab a healthy snack – like an apple or granola bar. Bonus: staying hydrated and eating a healthy snack will help boost your productivity!

Drink water during Pomodoro session

Listen to music

Turn on one of your favorite playlists during your short Pomodoro break. Studies show that music elevates your mood, reduces anxiety, and increases mental alertness. It also improves your memory, which is perfect if you’re studying for an exam.

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Aesthetic Study Music for Pomodoro

Hop into an ambient world

Tools like Flocus let you set up a custom dash complete with aesthetic backgrounds and built-in Pomodoro timers. You can toggle Focus Mode to set daily intentions and complete Pomodoro sequences.

When you’re ready to relax, swap to Ambient Mode to lose yourself in any of the many Flocus worlds — and listen to soothing playlists via the music widget that connects with your favorite streaming services. Whether you want to head to the streets of Tokyo or get lost in a lush forest, all-in-one dashboards like Flocus allow you to switch seamlessly between deep work and dreamy virtual worlds.

Open Flocus in Browser

Flocus Ambient Worlds


You might not have time to complete a workout routine on a short break, so perform a few quick stretches to stay limber. Stretching can increase blood flow to your muscles and brain, improving your mood and cognitive function.

Stretch during study break


A simple way to kill 5 minutes is doing some breathing exercises, which can also help reduce stress and anxiety! You can quickly meditate or perform simple breathing exercises, like alternate nostril breathing, box breathing, or 4-7-8 breathing.

Breathing exercise for study break

Get some fresh air

Instead of just walking around your house, try stepping outside for a few minutes! Fresh air and a change of scenery will improve your mood, giving you energy and enhancing cognition. If you don’t have the time to get out, try opening a window!

Go outside during pomodoro break

Use the restroom

Using the Pomodoro method means you’ll get a 5-minute break once every 25 minutes, which is perfect for when nature calls. Just avoid scrolling on your phone while you do your business!

Restroom for Pomodoro Break

Do a quick tidy, or organize your workspace

Tidying often takes a backseat while studying or working – so use your 5-minute Pomodoro breaks to complete one house cleaning task and stay on top of your domestic duties. Or, organize your workspace for your upcoming work interval to streamline your next study session.

Organize Study Space on Pomodoro Break

Check your emails or messages

A short Pomodoro break is a perfect time to get caught up on some of your pressing emails and messages. Knock out a couple of replies to stop your inbox from piling up. Leave checking your e-mails and messages if you have more replies than you can handle in 5 minutes.

Check emails during study break

Switch study spots

Studying in the same place for several hours is less productive than switching up your workspace. Moving from one location to another can help improve your memory and recall. Switching your location creates more memory prompts when trying to remember a piece of information.

Switch Study Spots

Change your playlist

Music without lyrics can help you concentrate while working, but you might want to listen to something new while on your break. Change from your favorite lofi playlist to one of your favorite tunes and switch up the vibe.

Change your study playlist


A quick journaling session can help you stay on top of your work/life balance. Use your 5-minute break to do a mental health check-in or to track your productivity. Use this opportunity to capture any thoughts or tasks on your immediate to-do list.

Journal during study break

Plan out your day/ create a to-do list

Planning your day or creating a to-do list is a quick and helpful activity for your short breaks. Planning your day will help you decide which tasks are a priority and what you can put off for a later date. A to-do list helps you declutter your mind, improving productivity.

Plan your day and create a to-do list

Long Pomodoro Break Ideas

With the Pomodoro technique, you’ll take a longer break after four 25-minute on/5-minute off cycles. Longer breaks give you extra time to decompress and escape your computer screen. A long Pomodoro break is usually between 15 and 30 minutes.

Go for a short walk

Take a short walk if you prefer to avoid short home workout routines. Going for a short walk helps you exercise and get some much-needed fresh air. Go to a local park if possible. Studies show that people who go on nature walks have higher levels of creativity and improved memories.

If you live in a city, no sweat! Walking around a buzzy area is sure to give you a spark of energy and motivation.

Walk during Pomodoro break

Eat a full meal

Five minutes isn’t long enough to eat anything substantial, so use your longer breaks to eat a proper meal. While 15 to 30 minutes isn’t long enough to cook anything too involved, you’ll have enough time to reheat and eat a pre-prepared meal.

Eat Meal during Pomodoro Break


Try to socialize if you’ve been studying alone for a few hours. Give one of your friends a quick call for a mental health boost. Just don’t get too lost in conversation, as you could easily go over your break timer!

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Socialize during study break

Read a book

Keep the creative juices flowing by reading a few pages of a book. Reading improves your memory and your vocabulary. It’s also a great way to keep your brain active without staring at your computer or phone screen.

Reading during Pomodoro Break

Work out

Exercise improves cognitive function, helping you think, learn, and problem-solve. Perform a quick workout routine with a few press-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks. If you don’t want to work out, consider getting up and walking around instead to stretch your legs.

Work out during Pomodoro break

Power nap

Recharge your brain and body with a quick power nap. Short naps can improve cognitive function and memory. Just make sure you set an alarm; otherwise, you could easily oversleep and miss your next study session.

Nap during Pomodoro break

Get creative

Practice an artistic hobby during your long Pomodoro breaks. Work on a new drawing, practice your singing, make some origami — anything you enjoy that keeps your brain active. Doing something artistic might even help you be creative if you have writer’s block.

Get creative

Perform a guided meditation

Take part in a guided meditation to help you unwind on your longer breaks. Similar to breathing exercises, guided meditation can help relieve stress and anxiety. You’ll find dozens of guided meditations on Youtube, some specifically for studying.

Meditate during Pomodoro break

Watch anime

Animedoro, a popular spin on Pomodoro, revolves around watching a 20-minute episode of your favorite anime (or TV show) as a reward between work intervals. You won’t get a break from screens when watching anime, but you might find it good motivation.

Check out our aesthetically pleasing Animedoro timer to keep track of your custom Animedoro intervals! If you’re new to the Animedoro method and want to learn more, don’t miss our complete guide on the Animedoro method.

Anime Pomdoro Break

Take a cold shower

Feeling the midday slump? Take a cold shower on your long break. Cold showers provide a jolt to your system, increasing your alertness and giving you an energy boost. Plus, cold showers release endorphins, improving your mood.

Shower during Pomodoro break

Play an instrument

Escape your computer screen with a constructive hobby like playing an instrument. Studies show making music improves communication between the two sides of your brain, enhancing learning, memory, verbal reasoning, and fine motor skills.

Play an instrument

Do a quick tidy

Quickly tidy your workspace and home rather than doing the odd cleaning task on your shorter breaks. Emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and decluttering a small space are all achievable tasks on a long Pomodoro break.

Do a quick tidy during Pomodoro break

Create a planner and schedule out the rest of your week

Get a head start on your week with a planning session. You can create a simple planner on Notion, or if you want to avoid screen, go old school with a paper planner. Carefully planning your week means you’ll can maximize productivity and avoid unnecessary tasks.

Pomodoro breaks help you find the right balance in your workload. Taking breaks helps you stay active, eat properly, and keep your brain engaged. Mix up what you do during your Pomodoro breaks to help you make the most of your work or study sessions.

Create planner during Pomodoro break

What do you plan to do on your breaks between Pomodoro sessions? Any other Pomodoro break ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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