The hustle and bustle of student life can be overwhelming. Fortunately, YouTube has become a valuable platform for knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration. From must-know study tips to insights into specific disciplines, plenty of YouTubers can cater to your needs as students and guide you in making the most out of your academic journey.

Looking for advice to help you navigate the challenges of student life? Or just daily student vlogs? Check out our handpicked list of the best study YouTube channels to help you unleash your full potential!

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Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal, a doctor turned YouTuber and entrepreneur, has garnered a massive following on YouTube for his insightful content and down-to-earth personality. Aside from sharing invaluable tips on time management, note-taking, and exam preparation, he’s also known for reviewing and recommending various apps and tools to boost productivity. Whether you’re struggling with motivation or seeking innovative ways to retain information, Ali is your go-to resource for mastering the art of productivity.

Check out Ali Abdaal’s YouTube Channel

Ali Abdaal Student YouTube Videos

Tina Huang

Tina Huang’s channel is a goldmine for tech-savvy students. As a data scientist, Tina’s channel focuses on coding, technology, career development, and self-study tips. With her expertise in efficiency, she shares her techniques on how students can maximize most of their study time. Whether you’re a beginner starting in the world of coding or someone seeking the latest tech trends, Tina’s videos will help equip you with the essential digital skills in the modern world.

Check out Tina Huang’s YouTube Channel

Tina Huang YouTube Study Channel

Cajun Koi Academy

Ready to step into the world of Cajun Koi Academy? This channel, started by brothers Mike and Matty, equips students with study techniques, self-improvement tips, and productivity hacks. You will also learn to explore the concept of different brain types (Kuma, Kitsune, and Tora), which will help you find your ideal study style. Up for the challenge? Join the academy and be prepared as they train you to become “rangers” of academic success.

Check out Cajun Koi Academy’s YouTube Channel

Cajun Koi Academy Study Videos

Mike Dee

Feeling demotivated to achieve your goals? Mike Dee’s channel is the perfect channel to help you jumpstart your workflow. Formerly known as ProjectElon, his content covers productivity hacks, personal development, study motivation, and speed learning. Known for his heartfelt and dynamic videos, Mike had previously struggled with chronic procrastination but decided to overhaul his life completely.

Check out Mike Dee’s YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel for Learning

디아 Dia

Ever wondered what it’s like to study in Korea? Dia’s study-with-me videos create an immersive study environment that allows her viewers to learn productively alongside her. As a medical student, she also offers valuable insights and motivation for fellow students who are on the medical path. Admiringly, her videos have subtitles for many languages, such as English, Spanish, Turkish, German, and Russian, which allow more people to find value in her content.

Check out 디아 Dia’s YouTube Channel

Med Student Vlogs on YouTube

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank is not just your average productivity guru — he’s a renowned name for being a productivity powerhouse. His channel contains practical strategies, time management hacks, and self-discipline advice to revolutionize your study approach. Also, check out his other videos, where he talks about fitness, finances, technology, and mental health. Applauded for his engaging and relatable storytelling, Thomas is here to help you enhance and maximize your student experience.

Check out Thomas Frank’s YouTube Channel

Thomas Frank YouTube Channel

Vee Kativhu

As an advocate for girls’ education, a young leader at the United Nations, and a current Ph.D. student, Vee Kativhu is a true embodiment of inspiration and accomplishment. Her channel consists of study techniques, essay writing tips, stationery recommendations, book reviews, and travel vlogs that motivate students to embrace their education and make a difference in the world.

Check out Vee Kativhu’s YouTube Channel

Vee Kativhu Study YT Channel

Elena Handtrack

Looking for a real-life Elle Woods from Legally Blonde? Say hello to Elena Handtrack, a law student at Cambridge University. Aside from curating content tailored to law students, her videos include dorm tours, book reviews, get-ready-with-me videos, and her experiences as an exchange student. From tips on the best hairstyles to must-know productivity tips, Elena will help you channel your inner Elle Woods in no time.

Check out Elena Handtrack’s YouTube Channel

Elena Handtrack YouTube Channel

Kharma Medic

With his perfect blend of humor, engaging storytelling, and gentle personality, Kharma Medic (also known as Nasir) is a must-watch channel for aspiring doctors or anyone curious about the world of medicine. He is a London-based doctor who loves to share time management tips, tricks to study more efficiently, and the realities of medical school. From creating effective study schedules to daily vlogs that shed light on the life of a medical student, his channel provides valuable information that helps aspiring medical students succeed and find the motivation to excel in their studies.

Check out Kharma Medic’s YouTube Channel

Kharma Medic Study YouTube

Holly Gabrielle

Holly Gabrielle, a Cambridge natural sciences graduate currently studying cancer biology at University College London, is a valuable resource for any student navigating higher education. Through her soothing voice and insightful guidance, Holly loves to share her thoughts, life realizations, and travel experiences. Whether you’re looking for motivation or simply want to experience Holly’s captivating travel adventures, her channel is a must-follow for any student who wants to cultivate a positive mindset despite the challenges of student life.

Check out Holly Gabrielle’s YouTube Channel

Holly Gabrielle YouTube for Student Learning

Tamer Shaheen

Are you an engineering student or aspiring to pursue a career in engineering? If yes, then Tamer’s channel is perfect for you. His videos include tips for engineering students, emerging trends, and the realities of pursuing this career path. With his help, you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of engineering and find inspiration to excel in your studies.

Check out Tamer Shaheen’s YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel for Engineering Students

Abao in Tokyo

Abao, an international student from China studying in Japan, is best known for his “study with me” videos which provide a calming and aesthetic backdrop to accompany your study sessions. Fan of the Pomodoro technique? Look no further as Abao uses this technique to structure his study sessions effectively. He also started a 24/7 music radio and chat room where students around the world can talk and inspire each other’s productivity.

Check out Abao in Tokyo’s YouTube Channel

Study With Me YouTube Channel

Study to Success

As a treasure trove of informative videos on productivity tips, organization hacks, and app recommendations, this channel is a one-stop destination for those who want to optimize their study routine. With the help of this channel, you can guarantee that your notes will be both effective and visually appealing — perfect for those wanting a splash of creativity in their academic life.

Check out Study To Success’ YouTube Channel

Aesthetic Study YouTube Channel

Yoora Jung

Yoora Jung offers a diverse variety of videos on her channel as she talks about her lifestyle, tips on studying, her passion for K-pop, and how she stays fit amidst her busy life. Her campus life videos would give you an inside look at the day-to-day experiences of a student. If you seek inspiration on a well-rounded approach to student life, then make sure to add Yoora’s video to your watchlist. She offers sound advice to help you find the perfect balance between productivity and self-care.

Check out Yoora Jung’s YouTube Channel

Student YouTube Videos

Erika Diane

As the youngest student YouTuber in this list, Erika’s channel provides insights into the experiences and challenges faced by teenagers. Her videos cover various topics, including day-in-my-life vlogs, school morning routines, and stationery hauls. Whether you’re in the mood to seek lifestyle inspiration or simply want to connect with a fellow student, Erika’s channel offers young students a fresh and vibrant perspective on navigating their daily lives.

Check out Erika Diane’s YouTube Channel

Day in the life student videos

Are we missing any student YouTubers? Do you have a student YouTuber you’re looking to share? Leave a comment down below!

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