With so many apps and documents out there, it’s easy to lose track of your writing ideas, novel concepts, storyboards, and writing procedures.

Thanks to Notion, you can streamline everything in a single workspace, with templates available to help you start a blog, novel, fictional story, and so much more – from intro to conclusion, cover to cover!

To help you tighten up your writing process and bring your ideas to life, we’ve rounded-up the best Notion templates for writers! Let’s jump in.

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Get the all-in-one Life OS template, the only Notion template you’ll ever need — with over 25 integrated templates built in.

Notion for Writing Premium Template Pack

Every element of your writing life in one place – sounds great, doesn’t it? Bring everything under one roof and streamline every aspect of your writing process all into one workspace with the Notion for Writing Template Pack. Whether you’re writing blog posts or stories, this template pack helps you organize outlines, character sheets, research, word count tracking, project tracking, and so much more!

Template Available Here

Notion Writing Template

Storybook Pro – The Complete Story Outline Tool for Notion

Storybook Pro is a comprehensive outlining tool for Notion, with just the right amount of features to make story outlining easier without being overwhelming! The template includes a progress tracker, full outline tool, chapter outline support, and a bonus section for world building – including character and location creation. It’s a great tool for outlining one book, multiple standalone novels, or an entire series!

Template Available Here

Notion Story Outline Template

The Modern Writer, for Book Writing

A workspace to collect and refine all of your writing ideas and concepts, separating them by chapter, The Modern Writer template hones in on specifically book writing and storytelling. Create timelines, compendiums, and moodboards while writing your story – without leaving your workspace!

Template Available Here

The Modern Writer Notion Template

W.I.P. – Advanced System for Novel Writers

Designed in a beautiful minimalist layout, this novel template enables you to efficiently manage all aspects of multiple writing projects in Notion, including research, world building, character development, storyboarding, tasks, revision, and editing.

Template Available Here

Advanced Notion System for Novel Writers

Writer – Minimalist Distraction-Free Writing Workspace

A clean, distraction-free workspace is key for doing your best work – and this template offers just that! Use this template to move your story through the drafting, editing, and finalization stages, organize research, and design character personas for your writing projects.

Template Available Here

Minimalist Notion Writing Workspace

Writing Project Dashboard

This dashboard is designed to help you take your writing ideas from concept to completion. It includes built-in spaces for tasks, ideas, and story elements to keep everything organized and on track as you work on each project.

Template Available Here

Notion Writing Project Dashboard

Notion Story Wiki: Worldbuild, Plot, Write

The Notion Story Wiki is tailored for authors, screenwriters, and other storytellers looking to plan, plot, world-build, write, and complete their stories! It’s a comprehensive tool that will help you through every step of the writing process, and includes 38+ thought-provoking templates for characters, species, groups, flora, cultures, lore, history, languages, and more.

Template Available Here

Notion Story Wiki Template

Notion for Blogging Template Kit

If writing online is your bread and butter, the Notion for blogging template kit gives you everything you need to create amazing blog content, and simplify every other element of managing your writing business!

Use the content creation hub to store blog and social content, the tasks template to stay on track with deadlines, the brand kit to keep your branding consistent, and lots more with the Premium Notion for Blogging Kit!

For more blogging resources, check out out round-up post featuring our favorite Notion blog templates!

Template Available Here

Notion for Blog Writing Template

Storybook for Notion – Outlining Tool for Writers

Do you ever get that idea for an amazing story, but struggle to jot down all the details down and bring the concept to life? The Notion Storybook Template is the perfect outlining tool for writers, with features like multiple views for synopsis writing, outlining, story pacing, and more!

Template Available Here

Notion Storybook Template

Simple Novel Notion Template

Track your novel writing process and reach your daily writing goals with this simple Novel Notion Template. Use this workspace to curate everything you need before writing, including a pre-write checklist, notes and resources, character profiles, cover ideas, and more!

Template Available Here

Novel Notion Template

Aesthetic Notion Templates for Writers – Drafting, Revision, WIP

Tell your story from start to finish with these more simple, aesthetically pleasing dashboard templates for writers!

Templates Available:

Aesthetic Notion Templates for Writers

Writer’s Knowledge Organizer

Store all your research and references in this Notion second brain template designed specifically for writers! Using the template, you can tag and organize your notes and learnings – making them easily accessible to gain clarity, inspo, and direction in your writing.

Template Available Here

Notion Writer's Knowledge Organizer

World Building Bible

Create your perfect fictional world and bring your story to life with the World Building Bible Notion template! If you’re looking for a place to build character profiles, story settings, and centralize details about your fictional world – this is the template for you.

Template Available Here

Notion World Building Bible

Fictional Story Timeline Template for Notion

Never write a story with plot holes or mismatched timelines again with the Fictional Story Timeline template! Gone are the days of re-reading your writing or relying on your memory to tell a clear, consistent story – with this template, keep track of your story’s key events, locations, characters, and chapters.

Template Available Here

Story Timeline Template for Notion

Character Builder – Notion Template for Writers

Create characters that are memorable and full of substance – ultimately characters that readers care about and can relate to. Use this Notion worksheet as a guide to help you create characters that have depth and dimension!

Template Available Here

Notion Character Template for Writers

Simple Story Writing Process Template for Notion

Easily write and organize your story writing process in Notion with this simple story writing template! Keep track of your word count and refer to your chapter research in a simplified dashboard.

Template Available Here

Story Writing Process Template for Notion

Simple Aesthetic Writer’s Dashboard

Keep track of your writing progress and deadlines with the simple aesthetic writer’s dashboard template – featuring a dreamy cloud-themed dashboard, storyboard list, sidebar for concepts and ideas, and more!

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Notion Writer’s Dashboard

Are we missing any Notion writer templates? Do you have recommendations for Notion templates for writers to tell their stories with? Let us know in the comments below!

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