Silent studying isn’t for everyone — some students like a bit of chatter and ambience in the background while they work. Whether you’re listening to random talk shows or podcasts for academic success, podcasts can help your studies feel a little less stressful. Plus, you might just learn something new!

From soothing meditative discussions to zone out to during study sessions, to podcasts that’ll help you pass the MCAT, we’ve rounded up some of the best study podcasts for you to listen to!

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Everything is Alive

Unscripted podcast Everything is Alive is unique, witty, and surprisingly profound. Each episode is an interview with an inanimate object, from a can of knock-off soda to a jack-o-lantern to a grain of sand.

Each object has its own feelings, perspective, and personality, leading to fantastical observations and absurd dialogue. Everything is Alive’s laid-back interview style is ideal if you’re looking for a hilarious podcast you can tune in and out of while studying.

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The Premed Years

The Premed Years is perfect if you’re taking the plunge into premed. Nominated as one of the top Science & Medicine podcasts in the Academy of Podcasters Awards, The Premed Years revolves around the trials and tribulations of applying for and attending medical school.

You’ll find episodes on immigrant applicants, substance abuse, disabilities in the medical profession, and preparing for the MCAT. With interviews with Admission Committee members and real stories from applicants, The Premed Years has no shortage of insightful content.

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Sleep With Me

Check out Sleep With Me if you want dull background chatter for your next study sesh. Originally designed to help people fall asleep, Sleep With Me is a series of outlandish stories and one-sided discussions that get increasingly boring as they go along. Sleep With Me is a great rambling podcast that requires no brain power — but maybe give it a miss if you’re burning the midnight oil.

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Rooster Teeth Podcast

YouTube royalty Rooster Teeth has a podcast where the crew discusses pop culture, gaming, films, and other topics. Conversational and light-hearted, the Rooster Teeth Podcast is great for simulating a cafe vibe while you study. Plus, with over 700 episodes of the Rooster Teeth podcast, you won’t run out of background noise for your study sessions anytime soon.

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Stuff to Blow Your Mind

Sciencey podcast Stuff to Blow Your Mind examines the weird and wonderful questions we have about ourselves and the universe. Hosts Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick unpack topics like the cosmos, transhumanism, and strange cinema in this varied and fascinating podcast. Stick Stuff to Blow Your Mind on during your next study session — you might just learn something new about your own existence.

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Deep Questions with Cal Newport

NY Times best-selling author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport*,* hosts the podcast Deep Questions, answering questions from readers and listeners on ignoring digital distractions, staying focused, and improving productivity. Learn how to engage in “deep work” from the man who coined the term in Deep Questions with Cal Newport.

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All Killa no Filla

Prepare for gruesome giggles with All Killa no Filla. Comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean share conversations about real murderers and criminals, with plenty of laughs to lighten the mood. If you’re a fan of true crime, you’ll love listening to All Killa no Filla during your next study session.

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Snap Judgement

Mix music and storytelling into your studying by listening to Snap Judgement. Background beats accompany eye-opening stories which challenge the listener to see the world from another person’s perspective. Snap Judgement is enlightening and entertaining if you’re listening and sets an excellent ambiance for study.

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The Philip DeFranco Show

The Philip DeFranco Show is a punchy little podcast that covers news ranging from global issues to celebrity gossip. DeFranco also gives his own views and opinions on stories, making this podcast feel more accessible and engrossing than a stuffy news show. It ranks as one of the most popular web-based news shows, with over 6 million YouTube subscribers. PDS’ short run time means a couple of episodes neatly into a Pomodoro break.

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That Classical Podcast

Classical music can help you relax and improve focus while studying, so why not listen to a classical music podcast? That Classical Podcast’s hosts Kelly, Sascha, and Chris have light-hearted discussions about classical pieces, with snippets of famous compositions thrown in for your enjoyment. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or not, That Classical Podcast makes for soothing background noise.

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MCAT Basics

MCAT Basics is the ultimate podcast to listen to while studying for the MCAT. Each episode covers different topics of the MCAT, from muscle groups to isomers to thermodynamics. MCAT Basics also reviews practice tests and example questions from the AAMC. Even if you’re not actively listening, you might soak up some important knowledge for when it’s time to take this extremely tricky test.

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GroSeries is another MCAT-centric podcast to tune into while cramming for medical exams. Like MCAT Basics, GroSeries goes over different topics in the MCAT, including the digestive system, embryogenesis, and mental disorders. It’s an excellent passive learning tool for when you’re traveling, relaxing, or studying.

Listen to Podcast Here

Ninja Nerd Podcast

Ninja Nerd is a med school podcast focusing on specific topics commonly in exams, with clinical explanations of different conditions and treatment options. Some of the topics discussed include hyponatremia, diuretics, and vasopressors. Check out this podcast if there are certain topics you’re struggling to wrap your head around.

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The Empty Bowl

Find inner peace at the bottom of a cereal box with The Empty Bowl. A unique spin on meditative podcasts, The Empty Bowl features soothing discussions about everything cereal. Calming soundscapes provide the perfect background to this oddly relaxing listen.

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The Wolf and Owl Podcast

Popular British comedians Tom Davis and Romesh Ranganathan host this podcast about nothing in particular. Tune in for hilarious conversations and anecdotes in episodes like “New Tattoos & Travel Meltdowns” and “Lightsabers & Noisy Sandwiches.” The Wolf and Owl Podcast works well if you’re searching for lively background noise while studying.

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Weekly Motivation

The Weekly Motivation podcast will inspire you to be the best you possible. Podcast producer Ben Lionel Scott shares motivational quotes from some of the world’s top achievers, with episodes on overcoming adversity, attaining your dreams, and building confidence. Weekly Motivation is the podcast for you if you’re trying to grind through a difficult study period.

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Stuff You Should Know

Love random facts? Then you’ll love Stuff You Should Know. This podcast is an endless fountain of useless (and sometimes useful) knowledge, covering subjects like chia pets, El Niño, Nerf guns, and why everyone loves Dolly Parton. These topics might not be helpful for your studies, but they’ll add some interesting ambiance to your study sesh.

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The Sleep Zone Podcast

You’ll enjoy The Sleep Zone Podcast if you find talking distracting while studying. The Sleep Zone Podcast features hour-long episodes of relaxing music for meditation and to relieve stress and anxiety. Vibe with The Sleep Zone Podcast? Check out these top ambient soundscape and background noise websites for studying!

Listen to Podcast Here

How I Built This

Aspiring entrepreneurs will want to check out How I Built This. Presenter Guy Raz chats with successful entrepreneurs about the failures, hurdles, and eventual triumphs of launching a product or business. Businesses covered include Michael Kors, Manduka, Hinge, and Dutch Bros. Coffee. Lay the building blocks for your next big business venture with How I Built This.

Listen to Podcast Here


Don’t miss the Bananas podcast if you love bonkers news bulletins. Hosts Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes discuss bizarre news and stories from around the globe. With famous guest stars and tons of amusing anecdotes, Bananas is a fun listen, whether you’re paying attention or nosing through a notebook.

Listen to Podcast Here

What’s your go-to study podcast? Let us know in the comments below!

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