In med school, there are so many topics, notes, resources, projects, and jobs to keep track of. The good news is, Notion offers a flexible, fully customizable workspace for you to store, track, organize, and manage everything in your academic life – and there are some great pre-built templates out there made just for med students.

We’ve gathered some of the best Notion medical school templates for you to start using, and make the most of your med school journey – let’s check them out!

If you’re on the hunt for more templates for your academic journey, we’ve got a full round-up of some of the best Notion templates for students!

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Get the all-in-one Life OS template, the only Notion template you’ll ever need — with over 25 integrated templates built in.

Student OS: All-in-One Notion Student Template

Looking for a one-stop shop for your studies? Student OS by yours truly houses over 15 pre-built templates in a centralized dashboard! With an assignment planner, automatic grades tracker, classes database and planner, digital notebook, study zone, jobs and internships tracker, and so much more, customize this template and make it the hub for your med school journey.

Template Available Here

All-in-One Notion Student Template

Simple Aesthetic Medical Student Template

With this simple medical school dashboard, track your placements, applications, and residencies, put together your CV, journal your wellness, and review your tasks all in one template!

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Template Available Here

Aesthetic Notion Medical Student Template

USMLE Step 1 Notion Dashboard Template

This medical school dashboard has a calendar and resources database to help you ace your USMLE! The calendar is customizable and includes all chapters of First Aid and several NBME self-tests to drag put together your study schedule. The resources database includes a checklist for study videos as well as their runtimes (and corresponding First Aid chapters).

Template Available Here

USMLE Step 1 Notion Dashboard Template

Medical School Dashboard Template

Created by former medical students, this template was designed to help you master the pace and volume of content you receive in med school! Create an efficient workflow, study content from lectures with active recall, create an interactive to-do list, schedule tasks, and more.

Template Available Here

Notion Medical School Dashboard Template

Notion Medical & Surgical Study Template

The Medical Study Template was put together by a surgical registrar after years of trial and error in the field, to help you grow from medical student to medical professional! Based on space repetition and active recall principles, the template’s flexible database is a home for you to revise and master all of your topic notes.

Template Available Here

Notion Medical & Surgical Study Template

Aesthetic Medical School Notes Dashboard

Having trouble keeping track of all your resources, notes, and projects in med school? This aesthetically pleasing dashboard has two main components: a rotation database with blocks for standard divisions of clinical rotations (with room for important dates and contact info) and a centralized notebooks database for several different disciplines in medicine!

Aesthetic Notion Medical School Notes Dashboard

Simple Medical School Template with Active Recall & Spaced Repetition

With this simple template, create a syllabus table for several subjects, build a study schedule in calendar video, and review all your topics using spaced repetition and active recall methods!

Template Available Here

Medical School Notion Template with Active Recall & Spaced Repetition

Simple Medical School Study Planner

Building off of a master tasks database, review your med school topics, takeaways, and questions along with supported learning materials.

Template Available Here

Notion Medical School Study Planner

Which Notion medical school template do you think you’ll use for your studies? Any other Notion templates for med students to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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