ChatGPT is a versatile tool that can assist you in your next big writing project. Make headway on your creative WIP, proofread and edit your latest assignment, or get informative summaries of TL;DR articles with ChatGPT. We’ve rounded up 100 ChatGPT writing prompts to help you break through your writer’s block!

For an exhaustive list of ChatGPT prompts for everything, check out our full round-up with 100+ ChatGPT prompts!

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Before we dive into the prompts, check out this ChatGPT prompt pack for copywriters. It’s a great resource for diverse, thought-provoking prompts tailored to various use writing cases. Give it a try to accelerate your prompt game!

ChatGPT for Blog Posts

ChatGPT shines when it comes to blog writing. Compose meta descriptions, generate SEO keywords, or learn more about optimizing your articles in minutes. Check out these ten ChatGPT prompts for writing blog posts!


  • “Create an outline for a blog post about _____”
  • “Brainstorm an idea for a blog post about _____”
  • “Generate 5 title options for an AirPods Max review blog post”
  • “List 5 SEO-friendly keywords for a blog post titled The 10 Best Attractions in Rome”
  • “Write a 150-character meta description for this blog post: _____”
  • “Suggest ways I can make the tone more light-hearted in this blog post: _____”
  • “Act as a chef. Create 3 Italian recipes for a blog post. All recipes should be gluten-free”
  • “Demonstrate ways I can make the following blog post more SEO-friendly: _____”
  • “Produce a 7-day travel itinerary for Scotland for my travel blog. The itinerary should include visits to Edinburgh and Cairngorms National Park”
  • “Describe methods of making a blog post more accessible”

ChatGPT for Spelling & Grammar

Having another set of eyes look over your work is essential, but what if your usual proofreader isn’t available? ChatGPT can proofread your work, provide feedback, explain grammar rules, and much more! Here are ten proofreading ChatGPT prompts to check out.


  • “Proofread the below for spelling and grammar, without changing the wording at all”
  • “Edit the following text and give feedback on incorrect spelling and grammar”
  • “Check the following text for potential plagiarism: _____”
  • “Count how many times “contains” was used in the following text and suggest alternative word choices”
  • “Analyze the following text for tense consistency: _____”
  • “Suggest ways I can improve sentence structure in the following text: _____”
  • “I’m not a native English speaker. Rewrite the following text so it sounds like a native speaker wrote it. Do not change the length of the text: _____”
  • “Explain the basic rules of grammar”
  • “Suggest five grammar and spelling exercises that will improve my writing”
  • “Rephrase the following sentence to be more concise and engrossing: _____”

ChatGPT for Student Essay Writing

ChatGPT can boost your confidence before submitting an important paper, from providing summaries of complex ideas to grading your paper. Note that you shouldn’t take any part of an essay directly from ChatGPT, as most schools consider this a form of plagiarism.


  • “Assign a grade to the below essay and provide feedback on your grading”
  • “Create an outline for an essay on _____. The essay should be 1,500 words in length”
  • “Generate title ideas for an essay about Moby Dick”
  • “Find five sources for an essay on the policies of FDR”
  • “Write a five-paragraph sample essay on _____ in a persuasive style”
  • “Edit the following essay for syntax and grammar”
  • “Describe the main philosophical ideas in Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”
  • List five popular quotes from Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”
  • “Argue the pros and cons of globalization”
  • “Summarize the following text in less than 500 words”

ChatGPT for Social Media Post Copy

Become the next big Instagram influencer with help from ChatGPT. Brainstorm social media post ideas, learn how to grow your online audience, devise strategies, and use the best hashtags for your posts. Here are ten ChatGPT social media prompts to get you started.


  • “Brainstorm 5 Twitter post ideas about investing in the stock market”
  • “Provide 10 tips on how to make my social media content more engaging”
  • “Check this social media post for grammar, spelling, and punctuation: _____”
  • “Explain how to get accepted onto the Instagram Creator Program”
  • “Analyze the current Twitter conversations surrounding _____. Provide an overview of people’s thoughts and opinions”
  • “Suggest five hashtags I could use for a social media post about _____”
  • “Provide a prompt I can use as inspiration for a social media post about the importance of video content”
  • “Devise a social media strategy for growing the audience for my fashion influencer Instagram. I would like to increase my followers by at least _____ per month”
  • Generate five keywords I can use in my social media posts about _____”
  • “Write a fun 30-second script for a social media video post about _____”

ChatGPT for Copywriting

ChatGPT can help you master one of the most challenging writing disciplines, copywriting. Learn about different copy techniques, generate CTAs, co-write long-form copy, and much more. Here are ten ChatGPT copywriting prompts to help you get the ball rolling.


  • “Explain how I can use storytelling in copywriting to make my copy more engaging”
  • “Write five CTAs for my B2C sneaker company”
  • “Critique the following short-form copywriting and tell me how I can make it more engaging to customers: _____”
  • “Generate 5 billboard slogans for my Thai restaurant. The slogan should be no longer than 100 characters”
  • “Describe how I can use copywriting can to create lead magnets”
  • “Formulate an FAQ section for my _____ product covering common concerns and questions. The FAQ should include at least five questions.”
  • “Create simple, playful copy for my _____ business brochure. The text should be 500 words or less and include the phrase _____ at least twice”
  • “Devise 5 Google Ad headlines promoting my paid Notion tutorials that will drive conversions”
  • “Write an engaging and informative product description that highlights the features of my product, _____”
  • “Invent a unique and succinct selling proposition (USP) for my backpack company”

ChatGPT for Emails & Messages

Writing tons of emails can be tedious, but ChatGPT can do a lot of the heavy lifting. ChatGPT is ideal for writing emails and messages, whether you’re setting an out-of-office reply or you just want to send a quick message to a family member. Scroll down for ten email and messaging ChatGPT prompts.


  • “Compose an email to my boss requesting time off between June 2 and June 9. The reason I am taking time off is to go on vacation”
  • “Refine the following email to make it more clear and concise: _____”
  • “Edit the following email to my employee to make it sound more authoritative: _____”
  • “Compose a Facebook message for marketplace expressing interest in buying _____”
  • “Write a series of automated email replies stating I am out of office for my online marketplace”
  • “Come up with 5 variations on the subject line _____. Keep the same tone of voice and format”
  • “Reply to the following email. Keep the email short. Write it in a formal tone: _____”
  • “Write an email to my electricity provider about a payment plan for a high bill. The email should be polite and professional. The bill amount is _____. I would like to pay it over _____ months”
  • “Suggest five heartfelt quotes for a personal message for my sister’s birthday”
  • “Create five unique and fun ways I can introduce myself when reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn”

ChatGPT for Poems & Lyrics

Writing poetry and song lyrics is tricky, but ChatGPT can help you take your creativity to the next level. Get rhymes for words, co-write songs, or just have some fun by getting ChatGPT to generate hilarious rap battles and poems. Here are ten ChatGPT poetry and lyric prompts to supercharge your creativity.


  • “Produce five words that rhyme with silver”
  • “Write a rap battle between Paul McCartney and John Lennon”
  • “Demonstrate how to write in iambic pentameter”
  • “Compose a poem about _____ in the style of Edgar Allen Poe”
  • “Put chords to following lyrics: _____”
  • “Generate topics for a slow ballad”
  • “Describe how it feels to feel in love for the first time”
  • “Critique the following lyrics and provide feedback on possible improvements”
  • “Co-write the following poem with me. I will provide a stanza and you generate the next stanza in the same rhyme scheme. The first stanza is: _____”
  • “Inspire me with quotes from the following authors/musicians: _____”

ChatGPT for Researching

Cut down the time you spend on an article, essay, or creative work with ChatGPT. Research can be time-consuming, but ChatGPT can quickly list trustworthy sources, compare data, and find case studies. Keep scrolling for ten ChatGPT research prompts.


  • “List reputable sources on _____”
  • “Provide statistics with references that support the gender pay gap”
  • “Identify the main talking points this article [insert link] and list them in bullets”
  • Compare the ideas presented in these articles: [insert link] and [insert link]. Which article makes the stronger argument?”
  • “Find case studies on inflation in the US”
  • “Identify the experts and industry leaders on _____ and describe their views”
  • “Generate a list of phrases that I can use to further my research on quantum physics”
  • “Analyze the daily effects of walking on preventing heart disease with references”
  • “Identify the current trends surrounding pop music and how it might affect an essay on ABBA”
  • “Demonstrate the best way to conduct primary research on exercise trends”

ChatGPT for Novel Writing

Be inspired by AI to finish your new novel with the help of ChatGPT. Avoid getting stuck by having ChatGPT come up with titles, brainstorm character ideas, and generate a narrative structure for your next best-seller. Here are ten ChatGPT prompts for novel writing to get you started.


  • “Brainstorm character ideas for a dystopian 1984 fan-fiction”
  • “Describe some problems that would be facing a family during the Great Depression that are specific to Florida”
  • “Generate five fatal character traits for an antagonist in a story based in the Old West”
  • “Proofread the following paragraph and give feedback on the narrative: _____”
  • “List possible title ideas for a romantic comedy novel about _____”
  • “Pick a straightforward but gripping concept for a children’s book”
  • “Come up with five possible twists for a horror novel about clowns from outer space”
  • “Write an engaging opening paragraph for an adventure novel set in the Jurassic period”
  • “Come up with a chapter title based on the following text: _____”
  • “Write a structure for a 100,000-word fictional action novel about Albert Einstein in a framed narrative”

ChatGPT for Technical Writing

Technical writing is one of the newest and fastest-growing writing disciplines, with more and more employees tasked with drafting standard operating procedures, user manuals, annual reports, etc. Here are five technical writing prompts for ChatGPT that show how to use this AI chatbot to streamline the tech writing process.


  • “Develop a user manual for a tablet”
  • “Write an SOP outline for an electric car”
  • “Suggest ten resources I can use for a whitepaper about Spotify”
  • “Format the following text for my company’s orientation guide, complete with appropriate headings, lists, and tables: _____”
  • “Create a press release for my avocado farming company going public on the stock market”

ChatGPT for Text Summaries

ChatGPT is extremely helpful for summarizing articles, news reports, and research papers. Produce bulleted lists of the key talking points, or create summaries of complex ideas that all ages can understand. Here are five ChatGPT prompts for summarizing text.


  • “Summarize this article [insert link] into bullet points”
  • “Analyze the following text. Create a 200-word summary that would be easy for an 11-year-old to understand: _____”
  • “Write a conclusion for an essay based on the following research paper [insert link]”
  • “List the main talking points in this business report so it’s succinct and easy to understand: _____”
  • “Extract three keywords from this post which I can use in a similar article: _____”

Know of any other ways ChatGPT can aid in your next big writing project? Let us know in the comments below!

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