Basketball content isn’t all just game highlights anymore. On YouTube nowadays you’re able to see everything you don’t see on ESPN, from NBA commentary, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, press conferences, NBA player vlogs, and much more!

There’s simply way too much choice on YouTube, and finding the right channels can be overwhelming – that’s why we’ve curated a list of the best basketball YouTube channels for you to check out. Discover the top NBA player YouTube channels, your favorite NBA team’s channel, and some of the best basketball YouTubers from across North America!

Best Basketball YouTubers

Check out the best basketball YouTubers that discuss everything related to the NBA and the game itself. You’ll find basketball commentary, player analysts, team comparisons, and much more from these individual channels.

best basketball youtuber Jxmyhighroller


NBA stories, player analysis, and much more! Jimmy puts together great video edits outlining some of the NBA’s biggest moments from the past and present!

Visit JxmyHighroller’s Channel

Professor Live

Basketball vlogs, highlight mixes, ball tutorials, and everything you need to know about basketball culture. Professor Live is a great channel to follow if you’re learning to perfect your game!

Visit Professor Live’s Channel


From NBA trade rumors to team rebuilds, FunkyDiabetic provides some great commentary videos on everything related to professional basketball.

Visit FunkyDiabetic’s Channel


Described best in the channel description, Balludicrous consists of “entertaining and/or informative videos analyzing the game of basketball itself and the culture around it.”

Visit Balludicrous’ YouTube Channel

Chris Smoove

NBA news, highlight commentary, and some video game gameplay, Chris’ channel offers a little bit of everything.

Visit Chris Smoove’s Channel

Mike Korzemba

Weekly videos that consist of NBA conspiracies, NBA what ifs, and all things related to basketball. For basketball vlogs, NBA quizzes, NBA 2k,, and hypothetical NBA comparisons, check out Mike’s second channel!

Visit Mike Korzemba’s YouTube Channel
Visit Mike’s 2nd YouTube Channel


Dom provides short documentary style videos on NBA players, along with news and reviews related to the video game NBA 2K. Dom also has a second basketball channel which talks about historical NBA events and the details that were often overlooked.

Visit Dom2k’s YouTube Channel
Visit Dom2k’s Second YouTube Channel

The King of the Fourth Quarter

King of the Fourth Quarter’s channel mainly consists of videos done on NBA 2K, where he simulates NBA scenarios with what ifs and comparisons.

Visit King of the Fourth Quarter’s YouTube Channel


If you’re looking to improve every aspect of your basketball game, this is the channel for you. ILoveBasketballTV teaches you everything from dribbling to perfecting your jump shot.

Visit ILoveBasketballTV’s YouTube Channel

Basketball Breakdown

As the channel username states, this basketball channel breaks down NBA news. If you’re looking for more detailed videos on professional basketball events and historical moments, check out the channel.

Visit Basketball Breakdown’s YouTube Channel

Game of Zones by Bleacher Report

Game of Zones is a basketball series created by Bleacher Report that parodies the HBO series, Game of Thrones, by animating NBA players and creating storylines based on NBA events and fan discussions.

Visit the Game of Zones YouTube Playlist

Thinking Basketball

“Merging film study with stats,” Thinking Basketball is a YouTube channel which uses NBA statistics and creates in-depth analysis on players and teams.

Visit Thinking Basketball’s YouTube Channel

Andy Hoops

Andy’s channel provides videos on NBA trivia, conspiracies, analysis, stories, and much more. You can expect entertaining videos about historical and modern day players in the NBA.

Visit Andy Hoops’ YouTube Channel

Hoops Reference

Player rankings, NBA X-Factors, draft grades, and much more. Hoops Reference is a great channel to see how different events have guided the NBA to where it is today.

Visit Hoops Reference’s YouTube Channel

The NBA Storyteller

NBA basketball storytelling is the best way to summarize this channel. The name says it all and with this YouTube channel, you’ll be able to find, “stories of the NBA that Illuminate the dark corners,  reveal the lost hidden or misplaced narratives, and shine fresh light on the well known classics.”

Visit the NBA Storyteller’s YouTube Channel

NBA Players with YouTube Channels

Ever wondered what a day-in-the-life of an NBA player is like? You no longer need to! Check out this list we compiled of NBA players with YouTube channels and see what it’s like to play professional basketball through the eyes of your favorite players.

NBA Player with YouTube Channel Matisse Thybulle

Matisse Thybulle

Visit Matisse Thybulle’s YouTube Channel

Dennis Schröder

Visit Denis Schröder’s YouTube Channel

JaVale McGee

Visit JaVale McGee’s YouTube Channel

Troy Daniels

Visit Troy Daniel’s YouTube Channel

Justin Holiday

Visit Justin Holiday’s YouTube Channel

Troy Brown Jr.

Visit Troy Brown Jr. YouTube Channel

Carmelo Anthony

Visit Carmelo Anthony’s YouTube Channel

Jimmy Butler

Visit Jimmy Butler’s YouTube Channel

Serge Ibaka

Visit Serge Ibaka’s YouTube Channel

Steph Curry

Visit Steph Curry’s YouTube Channel

Jaylen Brown

Visit Jaylen Brown’s YouTube Channel

Kevin Durant

Visit Kevin Durant’s YouTube Channel

De’Aaron Fox

Visit De’Aaron Fox’s YouTube Channel

Jeremy Lin

Visit Jeremy Lin’s YouTube Channel

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Visit Giannis Antetokounmpo’s YouTube Channel
Visit the AntetokounmpoBros YouTube Channel

Damian Lillard

Visit Damian Lillard’s YouTube Channel

Victor Oladipo

Visit Victor Oladipo’s YouTube Channel

Karl-Anthony Towns

Visit Karl-Anthony Towns’ YouTube Channel

Evan Fournier

Visit Evan Fournier’s YouTube Channel

Chris Bosh

Visit Chris Bosh’s YouTube Channel

Matthew Dellavedova

Visit Matthew Dellavedova’s YouTube Channel

Josh Hart

Visit Josh Hart’s YouTube Channel

Dennis Rodman

Visit Dennis Rodman’s YouTube Channel

Gilbert Arenas

Visit Gilbert Arenas’ YouTube Channel

Andre Drummond

Visit Andre Drummond’s YouTube Channel

Kyle Kuzma

Visit Kyle Kuzma’s YouTube Channel

Steve Nash

Visit Steve Nash’s YouTube Channel

Khris Middleton

Visit Khris Middleton’s YouTube Channel

Kosta Koufos

Visit Kosta Koufos’ YouTube Channel

Nate Robinson

Visit Nate Robinson’s YouTube Channel

Manu Ginobli

Visit Manu Ginobli’s YouTube Channel

Dwayne Wade

Visit Dwayne Wade’s YouTube Channel

Official NBA Team YouTube Channels

Every NBA team has an official YouTube channel which features different content such as player highlights to team press conferences. We’ve listed the official YouTube channel of every team in the NBA so that you can stay updated with all video content related to your team!

Official NBA team youtube channels LA Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers

Visit the LA Lakers YouTube Channel

Minnesota Timberwolves

Visit the Minnesota Timberwolves YouTube Channel

Milwaukee Bucks

Visit the Milwaukee Bucks YouTube Channel

Washington Wizards

Visit the Washington Wizards YouTube Channel

Golden State Warriors

Visit the Golden State Warriors YouTube Channel

Boston Celtics

Visit the Boston Celtics YouTube Channel

Chicago Bulls

Visit the Chicago Bulls YouTube Channel

Toronto Raptors

Visit the Toronto Raptors YouTube Channel

Houston Rockets

Visit the Houston Rockets YouTube Channel

Miami Heat

Visit the Miami Heat YouTube Channel

Orlando Magic

Visit the Orlando Magic YouTube Channel

New York Knicks

Visit the New York Knicks YouTube Channel

San Antonio Spurs

Visit the San Antonio Spurs YouTube Channel

Cleveland Cavaliers

Visit the Cleveland Cavaliers YouTube Channel

Los Angeles Clippers

Visit the LA Clippers YouTube Channel

Philadelphia 76ers

Visit the Philadelphia 76ers YouTube Channel

Dallas Mavericks

Visit the Dallas Mavericks YouTube Channel

Brooklyn Nets

Visit the Brooklyn Nets YouTube Channel

Oklahoma City Thunder

Visit the Oklahoma City Thunder YouTube Channel

Utah Jazz

Visit the Utah Jazz YouTube Channel

New Orleans Pelicans

Visit the New Orleans Pelicans YouTube Channel

Portland Trail Blazers

Visit the Portland Trail Blazers YouTube Channel

Detroit Pistons

Visit the Detroit Pistons YouTube Channel

Phoenix Suns

Visit the Phoenix Suns YouTube Channel

Sacramento Kings

Visit the Sacramento Kings YouTube Channel

Atlanta Hawks

Visit the Atlanta Hawks YouTube Channel

Indiana Pacers

Visit the Indiana Pacers YouTube Channel

Memphis Grizzlies

Visit the Memphis Grizzlies YouTube Channel

Denver Nuggets

Visit the Denver Nuggets YouTube Channel

Charlotte Hornets

Visit the Charlotte Hornets YouTube Channel

Best YouTube Channels with NBA Highlight Videos

It’s hard to keep up with every single NBA game especially if there are multiple games going on at the same time. Here are the best YouTube channels which showcase NBA highlight videos so you can get caught up with everything basketball!

NBA Official YouTube Channel with Highlights

Official NBA YouTube Channel

Visit the Official NBA YouTube Channel

MLG Highlights – HNB Media TV

Visit MLG Highlights’ YouTube Channel

House of Highlights

Visit House of Highlight’s YouTube Channel

Are we missing any top basketball YouTube channels? Did we forget any NBA players with a YouTube channel? We’re going to be keeping this list fresh and updating it frequently, so leave a comment below with any suggestions or recommendations for basketball YouTubers that we may have missed!