Enter Reflx Lab: a new addition to the cinematic still film game. Reflx Lab’s mission is to provide cinematic converted film to the masses at an affordable cost. With their selection of film stocks ranging from tungsten and daylight balancing to slide films and black and white, we think Reflx Lab has a lot to offer.

With Reflx Lab being a relatively new outlet for still film, it can be hard to find sample images of their film stock offering – so we’ve done the digging to put together a collection of Reflx Lab sample photos for you to select your ideal roll of Reflx Lab film!

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Reflx Lab 800T Sample Photos

Starting it off with the primary contender, Reflx Lab 800T is produced to be a direct alternative to Cinestill’s 800T at a fraction of the cost. It’s made from 5219 motion picture film, is also tungsten-balanced, and also produced by the removal of its anti-static Remjet layer. What does this removal do? Create halation! That famous glow effect you see around light sources in Cinestill 800T is evident in Reflx Lab’s take on 800T as well.

Thanks to its tungsten balance, you’ll notice 800T brings cooler tones to a scene, even when pointed at warmer colors. The film’s contrast is also more subdued in daylight, while being more drastic in low light – underexpose it a bit and you’ll get more contrast. The film uses the common C-41 developing chemistry, which is found in all photo labs — so you won’t have any issue getting it developed!

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Reflx Lab 800T Sample PhotosPhotos by @andrewtfotoblog, @jags.film and @acelearnsfilm

Reflx Lab 500T Sample Photos

Next in the Reflx Lab product line is their 500T film stock. It’s made from 5219 motion picture film but with a twist, the Remjet layer is not removed in this film conversion process. This brings a cool mix of the tungsten-balanced colors you’d see in both Cinestill and Reflx Lab 800T, minus the popular halation glow around light sources.

Reflx Lab 500T requires the ECN-2 developing process which isn’t as widely found in labs, so just be sure to check in with your lab before taking rolls in to get processed.

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Reflx Lab 500T Sample PhotosPhotos by Reflx Lab

Reflx Lab 400D Sample Photos

Reflx Lab’s 400D adds a combination of features to the mix. This film stock is balanced for daytime colors, as opposed to tungsten balance like its 800T counterpart. It’s converted from 5207 motion picture film with its Remjet layer removed in the conversion process.

This brings a mix of two worlds: daylight-balanced colors mixed with the halation glow of Remjet removal. What this creates is a great film for shooting outdoors in daylight. The film reproduces images with great vibrancy and detail, while being on the cooler side (but not as cool as you’d see in tungsten balanced films). You can’t help but love the saturation coupled with a soft glow around light sources such as lamps, neon lights, or even just a shimmer of sunlight reflecting off a car.

Reflx Lab 400D is also developed through C-41 chemistry, so you can take it to any lab to get processed.

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Reflx Lab 400D Sample PhotosPhotos by @chromawolfe, @bryankphotography and @artbypino

Reflx Lab 250D Sample Photos

Reflx Lab’s 250D is a lower ISO daylight balanced film than their 400D offering. The difference here is that the Remjet layer is still intact from the cinematic conversion, so this means there aren’t any halation glows like you’d find in its 400D counterpart.

You’ll observe a balanced color palette with hits of both warm and cool tones. The contrast is turned down a notch, and details are rich in both highlights and shadows. It’s a great film for high detail – such as landscapes, cityscapes, or general street photography, thanks to its lower ISO rating, thus finger grain.

This film is developed through the ECN-2 process.

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Reflx Lab 250D Sample PhotosPhotos by Reflx Lab

Reflx Lab 100R Sample Photos

Reflx Lab 100R is the color reversal slide film addition to the line. Converted from fresh 5294 motion picture film (aka Ektachrome 100D) with extremely fine grain from its low ISO of 100, this film is the one to focus on high quality images with little to no detail loss.

Just like most slide films, you can expect great vibrancy and deep shadows and contrast, combined with extremely fine details. Imagine capturing real life and turning it up a notch on the vibrancy and detail sliders – what do we get? Reflx Lab 100R film photos.

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Reflx Lab 100R Sample PhotosPhotos by Reflx Lab

Reflx Lab Pan400 Sample Photos

Lastly, Relfx Lab Pan400 is their panchromatically sensitized black and white negative film. It’s designed to take photos under conditions that are unfavorable, or require short exposure times.

The film recreates sharp images with noticeable grain due to its mid-range ISO of 400. The photos also come with increased highlights and noticeable details in shadows due to faded blacks. If you’re not a fan of a faded look, this can be mitigated by shooting one stop under-exposed for deeper blacks and contrast!

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Reflx Lab Pan400 Sample PhotosPhotos by Reflx Lab

Which one of these Reflx Lab film stocks is your favorite? Have you gotten your hands on their film stocks yet? If so, let us know in the comments and tag us in your Reflx Lab photos on Instagram @gridfiti.

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