Desert Lightroom Presets

13 Desert Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

Whether you're embarking on a biking trip through Arizona, a road trip through the Southern Californian desert, or camping in the Sahara, the photos you take of the desert can inspire awe with their colors, minimalism, texture, and vastness. But what about editing those photos?

Check out our list of desert presets for Lightroom to take your desert photos to the next level. These presets are designed to enhance the features captured in desert environments. Adjustments to the color temperature with warmer tints, softened or sharpened textures, and balanced highlights with shadows are some of the things that these presets aim to do. Try them out on your desert photos!Read more

Online Classroom Timers

The 14 Best Online Classroom Timers to Engage Your Students

Manage your lesson plans and keep your kids focused with online classroom timers for students. Timers are essential to any teacher's arsenal, from tracking short breaks to timing pop quizzes.

We've rounded up 14 of the best online and video classroom timers to help you add some fun and focus to your classroom activities!

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Visual & Sensory Timers Online

17 Visual & Sensory Timers (Relaxing and More)

Countdowns and timers help us keep track of our tasks, but a ticking clock can create unnecessary pressure. Visual and sensory timers jazz up traditional counters, adding enjoyable and unusual elements to countdowns to help you focus or relax. Whether you're trying to motivate a class of kids or just want to track your own study sessions, visual and sensory countdowns are super helpful tools.

Scroll down for 13 of our favorite visual timers for relaxing, working, studying, and more!

For more online tools like this, don't miss our round-ups of online stopwatch timers, online countdown timers, and online clocks.Read more

Best Online Study Timers

15 Best Online Study Timers & Videos to Stay Focused

Deep work is only doable for a short time, so taking breaks is key to a productive workflow. A practical method for staying focused is using the right timer, especially the Pomodoro technique, which splits work into short, intensive sessions followed by quick breaks to reset.

Whether you're new to Pomodoro or looking to switch up your current app, you'll find dozens of online study timers and videos where you can track your focus sessions. Scroll down for 15 of our favorites!Read more

Rustic Lightroom Presets

13 Rustic Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

The word rustic comes with the charm and warmth of rural or cottage living. Editing your photos with a rustic aesthetic can involve things like desaturating colors, adding contrast, and adding hints of warmth in color temperature. The overall vibe you get is a comforting, almost vintage look that evokes feelings of warmth and nostalgia.

When it comes to applying rustic aesthetics to your photography, there are plenty of preset options to choose from. Whether it's a weekend at the cottage, a canoe on the lake, or a warm cup of coffee in the forest, check out our list of the best rustic presets for Lightroom!Read more

Dreamy Lightroom Presets

13 Soft & Dreamy Presets (Free & Paid)

Looking to give your photos a soft and dreamy aesthetic? Want to soften up the texture, add some soothing haze, and brighten it up a tad?

The dreamy editing style comes in many shapes and forms, from warmer tones to muted cooler tones and varying levels of softness and haze. Whether you're looking to transform engagement photos into a dreamscape, make your vacation photos look vintage, or make your beach photos glow, check out our picks for the best dreamy Lightroom presets to try with your photo editing.Read more

Fitness Lightroom Presets

14 Fitness Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

Looking to grow your fitness socials? Edit your body building photos? Or heck, do you just want photos you can be proud of with your fitness journey? Look no further than fitness presets for Lightroom!

Fitness presets mostly involve editing solutions that focus on adjusting color, exposure, contrast and texture to give a vibrant and dynamic look that highlights anatomy and fitness progress. Capture your fitness journey and give your photos that edge with our picks of the best fitness presets for Lightroom!Read more

Fujifilm Lightroom Presets

17 Fujifilm Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop (Superia, Provia, 400H & More)

One of the most oldest and trusted photography brands out there, Fujifilm has spent almost a century putting out camera technology ranging from cameras, to photographic film, printers, and even medical imaging tech!

When thinking of film, Fujifilm is a name mentioned in the zeitgeist, and there’s a reason for that – they’ve laid out a history of loved film stocks, some of which are still used today, from Superia to 400H, Neopan, and Provia – the Fuji look is unmistakable!

However, obtaining the Fuji look has become challenging due to rising costs, limited stock, and discontinued lines. Lightroom presets offer a solution by recreating the beloved Fuji film characteristics. This is where Lightroom presets come in – thankfully the same loved behaviors and colors that are created with Fuji films can be recreated through the use of custom presets! Check out our selects for the best Fujifilm Lightroom presets to get you going.

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Best Kodak Portra 400 Presets & Filters

The 20 Best Kodak Portra 400 Presets & Filters for Lightroom

Portra 400 — what was once a name known only to film photographers has become something recognized by digital photographers as well!

Known for its professional use in the film world, its warm and punchy tones, ease of use, and exposure latitude, the look of Kodak Portra 400 has gradually made its way into the digital realm in the form of digital presets.

So, you've shot some photos on your digital camera but don't know where to even begin when it comes to achieving the Portra 400 look? Whether you're shooting landscapes, portraits, cities, or anything in between, we've got you covered with these Kodak Portra 400 Lightroom presets and filters!

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Anime Lightroom Presets

12 Anime Lightroom Presets (Free & Paid)

As anime continues to take over the world as an increasingly popular art form, photographers have started showing interest in incorporating the anime style into their photos.

What better way to achieve that anime aesthetic than with easy-to-apply photography presets? Get the distinctive anime look with its vibrancy, softness, and bold lines. Take your photos to the next level through the world of anime presets! Whether you're a die-hard anime fan or just looking to add some creativity to your photos, check out our picks for the best anime Lightroom presets.Read more