Best Minimalist Desk Setups

9 Best Minimalist Desk Setups for Your Workspace

Nothing is more satisfying on the eye than seeing a clean minimalist desk setup. I’ve enjoyed looking at minimal desks so much that I…

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paracord camera strap

The Best Paracord Camera Strap for Your Photography Setup

The paracord camera strap is by far my favorite adjustable strap to use. There are many benefits to having a braided camera strap and you…

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best table top tripod

9 Best Table Top Tripods For Your Camera Setup in 2020

There are many advantages to having a table top tripod with you when you're on the road. These tripods are compact and provide great…

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what's in my tech bag essentials

What’s in My Tech Bag: Gadget Essentials for 2020

My tech bag is filled with gear and electronics that help me achieve a specific goals more efficiently. The best tech bag will help me be…

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15 photography inspiration ideas

15 Photography Inspiration Ideas to Get You Creatively Motivated

As a photographer, it’s not always easy to produce your best work day-in and day-out. Being in a creative block is difficult and it’s not…

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casey neistat camera gear and vlog setup

Casey Neistat’s Camera Gear & Vlogging Setup 2020

If you follow YouTube at all, you probably know who Casey Neistat is. Casey Neistat is the vlogging king and his emergence within the last…

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brandon woelfel camera gear & creative accessories

Brandon Woelfel’s Camera Gear & Creative Accessories

Brandon Woelfel's photography is very well known amongst photographers and non-photographers. His use of creative tools, colors, and models…

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prism photography

The Full Guide to Prism Photography (Tutorials + Examples)

As a professional photographer myself, I'm always looking for creative ways to improve my photos. I've used objects such as crystal balls…

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Best Photography YouTube Channels

Best Photography YouTube Channels for Beginners (Tips & Tutorials)

As a self-taught photographer, I've spent a lot of time on the internet learning everything I need to know about cameras and how to use…

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Best Desk Cover Ideas

6 Desk Cover Ideas for Your Home Office Setup

The desk cover is one of the most underrated accessories when it comes to having the best desk setup. A desk mat is a simple desk accessory…

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