Notion Slow (How to Make Notion Faster)

Notion Slow? Here’s How to Make Notion Faster

Search the internet for “Notion is slow” and you’ll find dozens of complaints about page speed and tricks for making Notion faster. Feeling the lag and not sure what you can do to speed up your workspace? Don’t fret! Scroll on for some tried and tested ways to speed up Notion so you can get back into your flow state.Read more

Aesthetic iPad Notes

How to Take Aesthetic Notes on Your iPad (Typed & Handwritten)

Taking aesthetic notes on your iPad is a fun way to add some color and pizazz to your classes and study sessions. Want to start using your iPad for note-taking but need help figuring out where to start? We’ve got you covered with tons of tips, tricks, and resources, from how to structure and color-code your notes to the best notebook and paper templates. Let’s get to it!Read more

How to Make Google Docs Aesthetic

How to Make Google Docs Aesthetic: A Full Guide (Fonts, Colors & More)

Google Docs is packed with handy features, but let’s face it — the standard look and feel can be a bit boring. Ditch the drab and create an aesthetic Google Doc with these nifty hacks! We’ll cover everything from changing the page color and background to creating word art and custom tables.Read more

Apple Calendar Aesthetic

How to Make Apple Calendar Aesthetic

As far as calendar apps go, Apple’s default Calendar app offers a heap of substance, but not a lot of style. Looking for ways to customize your Apple Calendar so it fits your aesthetic? Look no further! Here are some ways you can make your Apple Calendar pretty and functional.

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How to customize Google Chrome

How to Customize Google Chrome to Look Aesthetic

Customizing your Google Chrome to make it more aesthetic is a great way to add a splash of color and fun to your workday. Scroll on for some ideas, tips, and tricks for customizing Google Chrome and making it aesthetic!Read more

How to Make Notion Aesthetic: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

You’ve spent hours scrolling through stunning aesthetic Notion dashboards on social media, and now you want to try and make your own. To create and decorate a digital space you’ll love spending time in, read on for design tips, tricks, and hacks from Notion power users!Read more

Freeform App Ideas

14 Creative Freeform App Ideas & Uses for iPad, Mac & iPhone

In December 2022, Apple launched Freeform, a new collaborative whiteboard tool. Freeform is quite similar to Notes, but its infinite canvas and additional bells and whistles make it a great free app for note-taking, mind-mapping, and so much more. Scroll on to discover some creative ways you can use Freeform, plus some Freeform tips and tricks!Read more