Aesthetic Clock Widget for Notion

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Track the time in the most pleasing way right in your dashboard with the Aura Clock Widget for Notion.

🌎 Live clock for all time zones
✨ Make any setup aesthetic
📐 Adjustable for any shape or size
💻 Quick 30 second install
⚙️ Works on any Notion page

Want the full Aura Notion experience? Get our all-in-one Aura Notion Dashboard which includes the Aura Clock widget and 15+ built-in templates. Don’t miss our Aura Clock Screensaver for Mac too!
📱 Compatible on desktop, iPad, mobile
💌 Questions? Feature suggestions? Contact us at [email protected]!
How to Install: Copy widget link in your download PDF → Paste into your Notion page → Select “create embed” → You’re done! Drag widget sizing and placement to your liking.

Aesthetic Clock Widget for Notion