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The 6 Best Vlogging Tips for a YouTube Vlog Channel

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Vlogging has caught the eyes of so many people from across the world in recent years. The emergence of vlogging on YouTube has changed the lives of many individuals. To the point where users have actually made a career from their vlog channels. However, vlogging requires patience, consistency, and some important vlogging tips to follow in order to be successful.

I’ve worked with several YouTubers in the past and have seen first hand what it takes to create a successful channel. If you’re wondering about the most effective vlogging tips for a successful YouTube vlog channel, have a look at my suggestions below!

1. Plan Your Vlog Content Out Strategically

No doubt, the content of your vlog will play a crucial role in the success of your vlog channel. In fact, having a well-planned video and interesting content will get you more views and more fans. So, you want to focus on designing a captivating, original, and engaging vlog to capture the attention of viewers. For this purpose, it’s beneficial to target a specific group of people such as females, kids, older adults etc. to make relatable content for. The more relatable the vlog content, the more returning views it will bring to your channel!

The family vlog channel KKandBabyJ are a great example of quality daily vlogs with family friendly content! Keren and Khoa are super entertaining and their their three boys Jackson, Landon, and Sutton never fail to make you laugh. KKandBabyJ definitely focus more on their family day-to-day so they are targeting family oriented fans!

2. Scheduled Vlog Uploads for Consistency

Uploading your vlogs consistently and frequently is a fruitful way to keep your audience connected with you. It’s also essential for keeping your YouTube channel active. For this reason, upload vlogs with a schedule in mind and make it public. Keep yourself accountable and set certain days and times to post. The more consistent you post, the more memorable your channel will be when your video appears in the subscriber’s subscription box!

David Dobrik is pretty popular amongst the YouTube community for his entertaining 4 minute vlogs. What’s impressive is how consistent David has been since he has started YouTube. David has scheduled vlogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night. I’ve been following David for quite some time now and I have not seen him miss a vlog. Dobrik’s frequent vlogging has definitely helped him hit 10 million subscribers this year!

David dobrik vlog schedule

3. Interact with Your YouTube Channel

Social media is a great platform to interact with your viewers and receive their feedback. In fact, interacting with your viewers is a great way to keep them engaged with your YouTube brand. Use your other social channels to link back to your YouTube page.

Additionally, be sure to answer questions and to reply back in the YouTube comment section. This is a great approach and will show that you’re an actual person to viewers rather than just a video. Try to create a community of raving fans instead of a community of numbers!

YouTube Vlog comment interaction

4. Distribute Your Vlog Content on Social Media

You are not restricted to upload your vlogs solely only on YouTube! You can make the most out of your vlog content by uploading them on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You should share each and every vlog that you post on other social platforms and link back to your YouTube channel. Posting on other places should actually give your viewers and sub count a boost with all of the cross promotion.

Sam Kolder is a travel vlogger who started on YouTube and began to take off on Instagram as well. Sam does a great job of distributing his YouTube videos on other platforms such as Instagram. By doing this, he drives more users to his YouTube videos and also provides a trailer like video for his Instagram followers!

Sam Kolder instagram video

5. Always Improve on Your Vlog Edits

Never be satisfied with your vlog edits. You should always be looking to perfect your vlogs. Figuring out what you can do next to improve your future YouTube videos. A sophisticated video editing software can help you achieve more advanced edits, but you would be surprised what a basic editing program can achieve. When editing your vlog, focus on the “less is more” saying. Include the best clips in your vlog and make sure the video progresses well. Try to have everything in chronological order and to include transition and great music throughout the video. Always find new creative ways to spice up your vlogs!

6. Stabilize Your Footage with a Tripod

In addition to your other vlogging essentials, don’t forget to use a tripod when making your vlog. This is an important vlogging tip because stabilized footage makes a huge difference. A compact tripod is a great tool to stabilize your camera to avoid unnecessary shakiness. Tripods come in various sizes and I would recommend getting a smaller tripod that is easier to carry around.