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Street Photography Gear from Street Professionals

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Street photography gear can vary quite a bit and it heavily depends on the shooting style and preferences of a photographer. Street photography is very popular, but it is definitely not the easiest type of photography to learn. It takes patience and sometimes luck to get the right image. Being at the right place at the right time is everything.

To figure out what is the best street photography gear to carry, I’ve chosen two professional street photographers to reference and analyze. Both photographers are based out of Sydney Australia, but what makes it cool is that they have similar, yet very different styles. Here is the camera gear that they carry in their photo bags.

The Street Photography Gear of David Sark (@_DavidSark)

I had asked to interview David a while back when I had the idea for a similar blog. Two years ago, all I asked was for him to give a brief bio about himself and to explain to the viewers about how he got into street photography and photography in general. Here was his answer:

“Hi, my name is David Sark. I’m a Sydney based freelance graphic designer by day and a street photographer by night.

My initial interest in photography was sparked when I received my first Canon point and shoot film camera as a birthday present in my early teens. At the time it was mainly used for taking blurry photos of mates doing dumb things at parties. It was only when I went to university that I developed a serious interest in photography and image making. With a background in visual communication and graphic design, my eye is now drawn to the interesting shapes and forms of illuminated city environments and how the human form moves through and interacts within the space.”

Back at the time he was at around 12 thousand followers if I remember correctly. Now he’s approaching 70k followers and his work has progressed so much since then!

street photography gear with David SarkCamera for Street Photography

Camera Lens for Street Photography

Camera Accessories


The Street Photography Gear of Benjamin Lee (@itchban)

I’ve never got the chance to interview Ben before, but I would definitely like to. I showcase a lot of his drone photography on @desktour and his photography in general is phenomenal. The photography gear below is what he carried to his trip to Hong Kong. He was sponsored by Cathay Pacific to go out and explore Hong Kong for a week (dream job, I know…). I’ve included some of the photos that he took on the trip down below.

Street Photography EquipmentCamera for Street Photography

Camera Lens for Street Photography

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