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Best iPhone X Accessories for Photographers (2020 Update)

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My iPhone is something I carry around and use all the time. As a photographer, I rely on my iPhone X to keep myself connected to the world. It gives me the ability to share my work socially through different iPhone apps and allows me to capture moments when I don’t have access to my professional DSLR camera.
Having the best iPhone X accessories on me is essential. I rely on my iPhone accessories to help keep me powered and to share / capture photos and videos in the most efficient way possible. My iPhone X accessories increase my productivity and allow me to focus on what I do best as a photographer. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite iPhone X accessories of 2020! These iPhone accessories also work for the XS, so have a look at my selection below!

My Essential iPhone X Accessories for 2020:

  • Earphones – AirPods
  • Phone Case – Nomad Moment Case
  • Wireless charger – Pictek Fast Charge
  • Lightning Cable – Aukey Cable & Nomad Rugged Cable
  • USB Wall Port – Aukey 3-Port USB Wall Charger
  • Screen Protector – JetPack Screen Protector
  • iPhone Car Mount – Aukey Car Mount

1. Earphones: AirPods

Buy AirPods from Amazon

Queue the AirPod memes.

Is it an expensive iPhone accessory? Yes.

Is it worth it? I think so.

The AirPods are a great accessory for many reasons, the biggest one being how convenient and sleek they are. These things pair up with my iPhone right away. They’re minimal and remove any wiring that previously got in the way when I was on a photoshoot or even running on the treadmill at the gym. The sound quality isn’t spectacular and for the price you can definitely find another pair of earphones with better sound quality.

Airpods iphone x accessories

Nomad AirPods Leather Case

Buy AirPods Nomad Rugged Case

I’ve seen some AirPod cases floating around the web, but the best ones so far seem to be from Nomad goods. This leather AirPods case from Nomad looks stylish, but remains very functional as well. When I have them in my pocket, the AirPods rub against other items in my pocket and it creates minor scratches. Having the leather case prevents these scratches while walking around.

2. iPhone X Case

It wouldn’t be fair if I narrowed this down to just one iPhone X case since there are so many iPhone cases on the market. Instead, I narrowed it down to two iPhone X cases which are great in their own way. Each case is better depending on your own personal preference.

Torras Slim Silicone iPhone X/XS Case

Buy Slim iPhone Case from Amazon

What I love about this case is how slim it is. I like to have a more minimal phone case on my iPhone X and this case is perfect. It doesn’t really feel like there’s a case on the iPhone, but offers some solid protection for how thin it is.

iphone x thin phone case accessory

Nomad iPhone X Case / Nomad iPhone X Moment Case

Buy Nomad iPhone X / XS Case

The Nomad is different from the Torras. The Nomad iPhone case is a thicker case that is meant for more protection. It is super well built and offers a leather backing which wears out very nicely. Nomad recently partnered with Moment lens and they now offer a phone case in collaboration with Moment.

Buy Nomad x Moment Lens Case

The collaboration with Moment is perfect if you enjoy taking photos on your iPhone and have the Moment lenses that you can attach to the iPhone X case. My future purchase will be the Moment x Nomad case with a telephoto lens for concerts and events!

3. Wireless Charger for iPhone X

Buy Wireless Charger from Amazon

So when I upgraded from my iPhone 6, another big feature with the iPhone X was the ability to wirelessly charge. I got this Seneo wireless charger off of Amazon and love it! I like how it isn’t flat, so I can have it on my desk and still be able to see my messages and scroll through my phone without having to pick up the phone.

The only downside is that the wireless charger seems to charge the phone slower than wired charging. This is fine for times when I’m spending most of my time at my desk. But, when I need a quick charge before I leave the house, I’m attaching it to my lightning cable directly.

iphone x wireless charging accessory

4. iPhone Lightning Cable

The iPhone lightning cable is one of the most annoying things to deal with. It still boggles my mind how Apple still hasn’t improved on the design of the lightning cable which has been used for almost every iPhone in the past decade. The original lightning cable that comes with the iPhone is horrible and always breaks within a year for me.

After several different cables, I’ve gone to two lightning cords that I live by. The Aukey lightning cable that I’ve mentioned in my post about the best MacBook Pro accessories. Additionally, the Nomad lightning cable that I received from the folks at Nomad goods. Durability is what these two lightning cables have in common. They are well made and are well-built to survive constant commute and frequent travels.

Aukey Lightning Cable

Buy Aukey Cable from Amazon

best iphone x lightning cable

Nomad Expedition Lightning Cable

Buy Expedition Lightning Cable from Nomad

5: USB Wall Port

Buy Aukey Wall Port from Amazon

The Aukey USB wall port is a tech bag essential that travels with me everywhere. Instead of bringing a bunch of wall bricks with me, I carry this one USB wall port and I love it. It’s compact, charges my tech quick, and is reliable!

I’ve had this Aukey port for about 3 years now and it’s still in great condition. Connect this with your Aukey or Nomad lightning cable and receive some quick charging for your iPhone X. I use it to charge my Sony A7iii batteries and my portable power banks at the same time.

aukey wall port for iphone x

6. iPhone X Screen Protector

Buy 3-pack Screen Protector from Amazon

Before purchasing an iPhone screen protector, the best investment is buying Apple care when you get your iPhone X. For something that you carry around with you everywhere and constantly take in and out of your pocket, it’s necessary to have a screen protector.

The tempered glass screen protectors are good because they absorb the impact before the iPhone screen does – so it shatters the screen protector first. A $10 Amazon replacement is much better than a $250+ replacement from the Apple store if you don’t have Apple care.

best iphone x tempered screen protector

7. iPhone X Car Mount

Buy Car Mount from Amazon

Truthfully, I’m horrible with directions and when I’m driving I rely on Google Maps everywhere I go that I haven’t visited before. Instead of fumbling my phone around while I’m driving, I have this Aukey magnetic car mount which I love! I attach the magnetic strip provided onto my phone case or in between my phone case and iPhone. I can then mount the phone seamlessly onto the mount which is attached to the car’s air vent.

iphone x car mount accessory

Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Buy Bluetooth Transmitter from Amazon

Since I like to use my lightning cable to charge my iPhone X while in the car, I got this Bluetooth FM transmitter. Additionally, I use the transmitter to connect my phone to my music and to answer phone calls while I’m driving. It works flawlessly and connects to my iPhone X fairly quickly. I no longer have to connect the AUX cord with the mini adapter to my phone!

iphone x fm transmitter for car