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Everyday Carry: Florent and Amberly (@oftwolands)

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We are Of Two Lands, a French/Australian couple and content creators currently residing in Sydney, Australia. We enjoy documenting interesting characters and places through the mediums of film and stills, as well as illustration, and decided to create this name for ourselves to showcase all of our work together in one place.

I, Amberly, grew up in Australia in The Blue Mountains, West of Sydney.

And I, Florent, grew up in the french alps.

Whilst we haven’t formally studied photography, we both had a keen interest before we met, which was fuelled further by working together and combining our backgrounds and experience.

In the future we would love to make Of Two Lands our full-time priority.

The Travel Essentials of Content Creators Florent and Amberly

Oftwolands content creator essentialsWhat’s in @oftwolands bag? Here are their travel essentials:

How was your trip to Europe and could you give us a brief outline of some of the things you did and places you visited while there?

For this trip we spent a few days in London, which is a city which we have both previously visited and always love to come back to.

Then our trip took us to Rome, which we have discovered for the first time and absolutely fell in love with. The culture, the ancient history, and the amazing food made it a very special experience.

We then decided to spend 10 days in the French Alps to visit Florent’s family and friends as well as exploring some amazing mountain / forest landscapes.

On our way back to Australia, we are excited to be stopping in Dubai for a few days to explore and entirely different kind of landscape and culture.

What would be the most enjoyable part about being a content creator and what is the toughest part about your occupation?

We’ve always loved to travel and discover new and interesting places and we feel really lucky to be able to keep doing so and to share our experiences with others.

At the moment, since we are not doing this full time, the toughest part is to find the right balance and the time and energy for both our current 9-5 jobs whilst still bringing creativity to Of Two Lands.