best travel vloggers on youtube in 2018

Best Travel Vloggers to Watch on YouTube in 2018

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The best travel vloggers on YouTube are channels that make you feel horrible for starring at your screen and make you wonder what you’re doing with your life.You ever start to watch a travel video and a few minutes later you find yourself on Google Flights ready to book your next trip out of the country?

This happens to me daily when I start binge watching some of the best travel vlogger channels on YouTube, who could honestly make watching paint dry cool. These travel vloggers have the amazing opportunity to travel the world and document their trips, all while creating a living doing so.

This is not to say that this doesn’t require any talent because it sure as hell does. I’ve been watching travel vlogs for quite some time now and here is a list of 4 of the best travel vloggers to watch on YouTube in 2018.

1. Sam Kolder

Sam is a young filmmaker from Toronto, Canada who has inspired videographers worldwide with his personal work and his work for some major brands such as the Chainsmokers, MVMT watches, and car brands.

What’s unique about Sam Kolder is that he isn’t always behind the lens. Sam is a stud in front of the camera and he’s known for his ridiculous cliff diving. In his travel vlogs, Sam casually climbs skyscrapers which will keep you on the edge of the your seat for the whole video.

This isn’t to take away from his talents in post production. Sam Kolder creates jaw dropping cinematics of his travels and even his work with brands is outstanding.

Sam Kolder isn’t afraid to “do it for the shot” and he will without a doubt amaze you with his work. This puts him as one of the best travel vloggers on YouTube in 2018 and for years to come.

2. Sam Evans

A filmmaker, photographer, and adventurer from Australia. We have our second Sam of the list who is widely known for his work with GoPro and his charismatic personality on and hopefully off the screen.

Sam Evans does a solid amount of travel vlogs that are well edited and really have a unique feel to them with his faded film look, POV shots, and the wide angle footage with the GoPro. Another thing that’s cool about Sam’s channel is that he does 360 videos as well, which is a growing trend with filmmakers on YouTube.

3. Brandon Amato (WOLVES X TRAVEL)

The Wolves channel was first created by Adam Horwitz and has since branched out to include a Wolves x Fitness channel and a Wolves x Travel channel. The Wolves x Travel channel is run by Brandon Amato and he has since created some incredible travel vlogs for his 50 thousand plus subscriber base. If you’re looking for some crazy adventures around places like South Africa and Los Angeles, Brandon Amato is the best travel vlogger channel for you to watch.

Instead of the intense cinematics, Brandon’s channel has a good balance of his daily life and advice for his viewers. Brandon was brought out to LA to work with Adam and it has since changed his life. Brandon is always encouraging his viewers to go out and do what they love and he makes his vlogs more personal because of his heart to heart talks.

4. Robert Strok

A 20 year old filmmaker who dropped out of school to pursue his dreams in photography, filmmaking, and storytelling.

Robert Strok has an incredible Instagram feed and his YouTube videos are just as good. Picture great visuals along with great storytelling and you have Robert’s channel. He’s always travelling to different destinations, sometimes destinations never travelled before. While documenting his journey, he’s always surrounding himself with other amazing videographers so if you dont find the your favorite travel vlogger here, you might find it in Rob’s vlogs..

Want to learn how to vlog? Check out my complete guide on how to vlog on YouTube. I’m always looking for new travel vlogger channels to checkout on YouTube.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations on the best travel vloggers to watch on YouTube in 2018, drop a comment below!