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Best Camera Straps to Buy in 2018

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The best camera straps in 2018 are built to last and are both functional and fashionable for everyday photography and videography. After years of photoshoots and video projects, I’ve found that the generic camera strap that came with my camera just didn’t cut it for me. I needed different camera straps for different situations and I looked online everywhere to find the right camera straps, but failed to do so.

Now that I have a few camera straps that I use on a daily basis and I can rely on these straps to keep my camera body from hitting the ground, I put together a short list of some of the best camera straps in the industry in 2018.

The best camera straps don’t always have to be several feet long. Often times, the smaller wrist straps with their demure appearance and superb functionality steals away the top spot.

Some photographers argue that wrist straps aren’t always the best because they fail to properly support larger DSLR cameras. Or that it becomes quite a problem if you plan on shooting for an extended period of time. However, I find the wrist strap convenient since it allows me to access and shoot with my camera quickly.

I’m not here to compare the different types of camera straps, so here are my recommendations on some of the best wrist camera straps that your money can get you in 2018.

1. HoldFast Gear Camera Leash

First off, the HoldFast Gear Camera leash. Crafted out of genuine American bison leather the Camera Leash by HoldFast Gear is a very useful product. It comes with a split ring on one end of the strap and a D-ring at the other end. The strap is compatible with the Money Maker harness system. This allows you to attach an additional camera to the system and use it as a proper harness, thereby extending its usability. Optionally, you can also use the Camera Leash as a wrist strap or a key ring. The camera attachment strap is 15.3″.

Camera Strap: HoldFast Gear Camera leash – B&H Photo

Price: $45

holdfast gear camera leash strap

2. DSPTCH Camera Wrist Strap (with stainless steel clip)

DSPTCH makes really useful and very functional wrist straps for your DSLRs. This wrist strap in particular is a lightweight solution designed for smaller cameras like mirrorless systems carrying a lens. The strap opens to an adjustable size of 8 – 11″ and has a maximum length of 16″. The flat cord design comes with a ½” QR connector. There is also a round cord ½” QR connector. The small elastic loop ties to one of the lugs of your camera securely. And then it finally connects to the wrist strap via the ½” quick release connectors.

The detachable stainless steel clip ensures that the strap has a firm, but not tight grip around your wrist. Buy more than one of these DSPTCH straps and you can attach one elastic loop for each of your cameras. This allows you to quickly detach one camera and attach another one without having to take off the whole wrist strap. This saves you a considerable amount of time when you are shooting with two cameras and want to have the one you are shooting with at hand.

Camera Strap: DSPTCH Camera Wrist Strap – B&H Photo

Price: $32

DSPTCH black camera wrist strap

3. OP/Tech USA SLR Wrist Strap

OP/Tech is one of the leading camera strap brands in the world. The generic wrist strap that OP/Tech make for smaller DSLRs is ideal for any small to medium DSLRs with a kit lens attached. This strap is made out of a nylon webbed material. The sort of material that is used for making car seat belts. The material is tough enough to support about 10 lbs. of load. This makes it suitable for a wide range of cameras including some semi-pro models with wide aperture zoom lenses (the heavier types). The length is just 11″; small enough to wrap around your wrist.

The strap comes with a 1.375″wide neoprene pad with a leather finish to ensure soft feel to it. To attach the strap to the camera a uni-loop system is used. And in order to tighten to fasten the strap around your wrist a security slide is also provided.

Camera Strap: OP/TECH SLR Wrist Strap – B&H Photo

Price: $8.95

OP TECH camera wrist strap

4. Joby DSLR Wrist Strap

You can’t leave Joby out of the camera strap discussion. Joby is known among photographers for their quality camera accessories and they hold a highly rated camera wrist strap.

This particular Joby camera strap is suitable for most medium and entry level DSLRs and mirrorless systems with their mounted kit lens. The attachment belt on the strap fastens to the slug of your camera creating a tight hold. There is an adjustable cord lock stopper as well. The unique slide lock mechanism tightens the strap if the camera happens to drop from your hand. This prevents the camera from swinging out and hitting its surroundings. This is a smart way to prevent any costly camera accidents. Additionally, the braided nylon cord is tough on these straps to add to the protection to your camera.

Camera Strap: Joby DSLR Camera Strap – B&H Photo

Price: $14.95

joby camera wrist strap

5. BlackRapid Wrist Breathe Camera Strap with FR-5 FastenR Breathe

BlackRapid is one of my favorite brands. They make some really useful products for photographers. This BlackRapid camera wrist strap is certainly one of the best camera straps in the business. The material used to craft this is a webbed nylon material the sort of that is normally used in manufacturing seat belts. The fittings are made out of stainless steel which ensures that the strap lasts for really long. The durable CR-3 ConnectR is a locking carabiner that holds the weight of your camera and lens combination with ease in case you ever drop it. The wrist strap also comes with an integrated D-ring. A tripod mount is also provided which ensures that the wrist strap tripod mount fits a standard ¼” – 20 tripod mount with ease. This is useful when you want to quickly mount your camera to a tripod for a few stabilized shots and then move back to hand held shooting immediately after.

Camera Strap: BlackRapid Wrist Breathe – B&H Photo

Price: $39.95

blackrapid camera wrist strap

There are many benefits to having a shoulder strap over a wrist strap. Traveling long distances with a wrist strap on your camera can be a workout for your arms especially if you’re holding a heavy camera body. To add, wrist straps typically require you to hold the camera at all times. This can be annoying if you actually need to use both hands for activities that don’t require your camera. This is where a proper shoulder strap for your camera is key. A good shoulder camera strap will allow you to be mobile with your camera without having to rely on your hands at all times. When looking at shoulder camera straps, you want to pick one that is lightweight, made of strong material, and is built to last.

6. Custom SLR Air Strap

The Custom SLR Air Strap is one of the best camera strap manufacturers in the world. They make straps which are extremely lightweight, breathable and very easy to wear. These straps are designed for DSLRs and it is going to be an integral part of your photography gear once you get used to using it. The quick adjustable slider will help you ensure that the strap is secure around your shoulder when you are walking down the street with your camera. The strap comes with a swivel buckle that comes with an attachment that easily connects with the lugs of your camera.

Additionally, the C-loop connects to the bottom of your camera which ensures that the whole thing is securely attached to your system. The strap has a neoprene padding which ensures that it can be comfortably worn for a long duration of time. The material has breathable vents which allows moisture to escape – keeping you cool in humid conditions. The buckles swivel and offer more mobility, which ensures the straps don’t tangle.

Camera Strap: Custom Air Strap – B&H Photo

Price: $19.95

custom slr camera air strap

7. Peak Design L-2 Leash

Peak Design makes some of the best camera straps in the business. The Peak Design L-2 Leash is a shoulder strap designed to ensure that your camera remains secure around your shoulder when carried around at all times. This is a dual purpose design that allows you to comfortably wrap your camera around your neck or shoulder. But, the large strap length is perfect for slinging your camera around your shoulder. The overall length of the strap is adjustable between 19 up to 60″. Perfect for a wide range of wearing styles.

The Peak Design L-2 Leash is a strap and anchor set-up. The anchor quickly and firmly connects to the strap for fast connect-and-go usage. The anchor ties to any equipment that has a loop or a D-ring, thus increasing its utility. When needed, the two components can be easily separated by pushing button. The strap is pretty tough. It is fashioned out of a seat-belt style webbing that gives it more strength.

Camera Strap: Peak Design L-2 Leash – B&H Photo

Price: $34.95

peak design l2 leash camera strap

8. Peak Design Slide Camera Strap SL-L-2

Another great strap from Peak Design is the Peak Design multi-utility camera strap called the SL-L-2. This strap is built with a combination of nylon and leather (nuback). This beautiful design can be used in several ways. You can sling the camera around your shoulders or put it around your neck just like the L-2 we mentioned above. Additionally, the SL-L-2 also comes with a quick connecting anchor link mechanism. The anchors will similarly connect to any equipment that has a loop or a D-ring like the L-2.

The strap has a comfortable 2″ width which forms a flat surface that doesn’t bite into your skin under the weight of a heavy camera body. The strap is also reversible and you can choose to wear it by either placing the smooth surface on the top or bottom. The minimum and maximum length of the strap is 39″ and 54″ respectively. The two adjustable latches allow you to adjust the length of the strap. The SL-L-2 comes with an arca-type compatible QR plate. This plate connects to the bottom of the camera. One side of the strap then connects to this arca-type plate.

Camera Strap: Peak Design Slide SL-L-2 – B&H Photo

Price: $64.95

peak design sl-l-2 slide camera strap

9. Joby UltraFit Sling Strap for Men

I’ve mentioned this before, but we normally associate Joby with flexible tripods and other camera accessories. But the Joby camera straps are very underrated and this sling strap is another versatile camera accessory produced by the folks at Joby.

This Joby sling camera strap is designed to work with all sorts of camera types including DSLRs and mirrorless systems. The Joby UltraFit comes with a ¼” – 20 thumbscrew which attaches to your tripod socket. This mechanism allows for quick access to your camera. Inside this connector there is a ball bearing that allows the camera remains to securely fasten to the strap. This also gives the camera room to pivot without ever falling off the strap. Joby has used the SpeedCinch mechanism in this system which allows you to adjust the length of the strap very quickly. The camera strap has been put together using heat press binding technology and the fabric used to make the strap is a softly-webbed. This allows for comfort over a long duration of wear. The hardware used in the strap itself is made out of reinforced fiberglass, which gives it great strength and longevity. This ensures that there are no abrasive points on the strap, as well as, no loose threads either.

Camera Strap: Joby Sling Strap – B&H Photo

Price: $29.99

joby ultrafit sling camera strap


Leather camera straps make for an awesome camera strap because they are both functional and fashionable. After some use on a leather camera strap, you get a nice fade on the leather that adds a lot of character to your strap. When looking at leather camera straps, there are three that really stand out from the rest.

10. Heavy Leather NYC Classic Leather Camera Strap

Heavy Leather NYC is a New York, US based strap manufacturing company. They make a wide variety of straps for a wide variety of purposes – and not just for cameras alone. This particular strap is crafted out of genuine cow hide. Genuine leather straps last a considerably long period of time and they are extremely fashionable. The overall strap length is adjustable from 46″ all the way to 49″. The strap has a shoulder pad that is 2″ wide. The sides of the strap are leather bound for additional comfort. The straps come with back buckling and it fits through the D-loops on your camera. This ensures that your camera is easy to be strung around your neck and can be taken anywhere with ease. There are quick release clasps , that help when you need to quickly release the straps off your camera body.

Camera Strap: Heavy Leather NYC Classic – B&H Photo

Price: $95

heavy leather nyc camera strap classic brown

11. Cecilia Gallery Adjustable Leather Camera Strap

This leather crafted Cecilia Gallery adjustable strap is one of the best camera straps you can get. This versatile leather strap holds both DSLR and mirrorless camera.

The adjustable leather strap can be set to a length of 37″ to 50″ without any issues. The width of the strap is 1″. This is small compared to something like the Heavy Leather NYC that mentioned above. But the padding along the 14.5″ neck makes it very comfortable to wear over a long duration of time. The full grain Argentinian cowhide used in the manufacturing of this strap gives it added durability and lifetime longevity. The tanning process of the cowhide leaves a distinctly soft and supple feel to the leather which makes the Cecelia Gallery extremely soft and leaves a beautiful finish. The nylon webbing used at the ends of the leather straps add durability and strength to the overall strap build. The steel rings at the end of the straps, are nickel plated and are used to connect the strap with the lugs of your camera. No matter how heavy your camera and lens combo is – the Cecelia Gallery will not let you down.

Camera Strap: Cecilia Gallery Adjustable Strap – B&H Photo

Price: $72

cecilia gallery adjustable leather camera strap

12. ONA Lima Camera Strap

Just like the majority of camera straps that we have looked at, the ONA Lima camera strap comes in an assortment of colors. This particular design holds up to 4 lbs. of camera and lens weight.

This is perfect for smaller entry level DSLRs, certain point & shoot camera bodies, and for more compact mirrorless systems. The strap is a healthy 63″ long. That means you can adjust the height and sling it around your neck or choose to carry it on your shoulders. The strap has a neoprene padding on the waxed canvas neckline that ensures that you can comfortably wear it for long durations without any physical issues. The ONA Lima design includes high-quality grained leather belt connectors. The leather belt connectors can be adjusted from 19.5″ to 23.5″. The hardware comes with chrome accents that gives the camera strap a polished look. Some find the shiny hardware a bit distracting for street photography, but if you’re not worried about the flashy metal appearance, this won’t be a problem.

Camera Strap: ONA Lima – B&H Photo

Price: $79

ONA lima leather camera strap

Final Thoughts

There’s not a single camera strap out there that could be titled the best camera strap for all photographers or videographers. The truth is, every camera owner uses the camera in a different way and the best camera strap in 2018 is the one that works adapts well to your personal preferences.

For me, I personally prefer to use a wrist strap and a sling strap depending on the shooting conditions, so the DSPTCH camera straps are the best ones for me since I can change between them quickly. Not to mention, I like a camera strap that is well built and looks good.

So if you’re looking for the best camera strap for you in 2018, I would recommend checking out the list of different camera strap options I provided above and matching them to your personal needs.

Which one is the best camera strap for you? Do you have any recommendations for camera straps? I would love to hear them, so drop a comment down below!