Our Story

Showcasing creatives worldwide and providing creators with the resources and essentials they need to improve and learn more about each other.

Gridfiti started back in 2015 as a basic Instagram account that was inspired by the whole flat lay movement. People were creating flat lays for almost anything and it was interesting to see what items people were carrying around on an everyday basis. After going through hundreds of flat lays and grids, I started to wonder why each item was in that flat lay.

What was the significance of each item to the individual? What can we tell from an individual based on the items they carry everyday? Do these items influence the way people are?

My curiosity was at an all time high and ever since then, I've set out to create Gridfiti to help tell the story and provide context behind creatives and the items they hold.

A couple years later and we still continue to focus on showcasing amazing individuals around the world and we continue to share their stories and work. We document creatives that include photographers, videographers, entrepreneurs, and brands that are doing amazing things. We like to think of ourselves as a creative community built by creatives.

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